Registering other people

All runners should register themselves, unless they are too young to do so, are unable to use a computer, or do not have access to one.

Please read these instructions very carefully. Failure to do so may regrettably lead to us losing your runners' results.

Group Leaders

If you are a club or school coach, or are organising a charity run at one of our events, we would ask you to encourage all of your runners to register themselves. Please do not register on their behalf. The registration process is quick and simple. Your runners will know their date of birth, will be able to give us their actual email address (so that they can receive their results), and they will have a chance to read our terms and conditions.

We are delighted to welcome all sorts of groups, including schools, clubs and charity runners. Please help us to help you by letting the event organiser know well in advance that you are coming and how many you will be coming with. You should also aim to visit the event in advance of your attendance so that you can get a feel for how the thing works.

If you still feel it is necessary to register on behalf of your group, please get in touch first. Doing so will save a considerable amount of effort later.

Registering on Behalf of Others

We understand that there are occasions when it is necessary to register on behalf of somebody else. For example, you may be the parent or guardian of one of our younger runners, or you may be registering on behalf of somebody who is unable to use a computer, or who does not have access to one. In these cases we thank you for registering them, and ask you to bear in mind these points:

  • Please make sure they have not been registered before. Please ask them before you try to register them.
  • Before you start make sure you know their full name, their correct Date of Birth and if they have one their email address (you may enter yours if they do not have one, but please do your best to use theirs).
  • Please let them know once they have been properly registered. (we get so many runners puzzled to find they have already been registered).
  • If you are registering another runner for this reason, you do not need to let us know, but we would be delighted to deal with any enquiries you may still have. Please get in touch with us.

Why does it matter?

We really prefer all runners to register themselves, but why? The short answer is that we really care about the accuracy of our results. The longer answer is:

  • We have found that when runners are registered by other people the information we ask for is very often incorrect, and it causes a big administrative effort from our volunteers to resolve the problems caused.
  • We ask all runners to read and accept our terms and conditions, and this is not possible if somebody else has registered them.
  • The final problem that often arises is that the runner may already be on our system; as you will see elsewhere, we really do not want our runners to be registered multiple times; it causes all sorts of problems when we process the results.

Please help us to help you, our volunteers and the thousands of runners who care about the results, and encourage your runners to register themselves.